With v3.6.1 you’re able to run scripts from browser or by HTTP API.

In version 3.6.1  (apt.autotouch.net), it provides a HTTP API and a “Play” button on the web dashboard page for you to run scripts from remote or web browser.

Run a script from browser:

  1. Turn on the AutoTouch > Settings > Web Server,
  2. Visit the address showing at AutoTouch > Settings,
  3. Click the “Play” button on the AutoTouch Dashboard pages.

Run a script with HTTP API:



If you keep the Web Server switch on,  web server will automatically launch  and become ready for call  while the iOS rebooting. (With policy of Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.2~9.3.3, your deivce will be unjailbroken after rebooting, you can rejailbreak it by clicking on the Pangu Jailbreak App on the homescreen)


AutoTouch v3.6.0 supports iOS 8.0~9.3.3 now!

Please add the official repo: apt.autotouch.net to taste the latest update v3.6.0, but there still has a problem about the screenshot and surface relevant, these will be fixed soon.


  1. the screenshot  and surface relevant issue has been fixed.

[Recommendation] Functions+ by shirtandtieler is great, it seamlessly adds 50 new functions to AutoTouch

This library is made by /u/shirtandtieler at /r/autotouch, it’s so amazing that I have to recommend it to you. With which you can call the new functions just like you would any other AutoTouch function. And also he provided a full help doc that gives specific details on all the functions – check out the table of contents for a quick overview of the functions! You can find the script in the AutoTouch store under “Functions+”, and you need the latest version of AutoTouch.


[Recommendation] A script editor for Clash of Clans

It’s here: https://gumroad.com/l/AtHelper



New update v2.0.3 is released for Android!

Please install at Google Play,



Screenshot_2016-03-14-16-46-39 Screenshot_2016-03-14-16-46-43

Screenshot_2016-03-19-12-01-18 Screenshot_2016-03-19-12-01-31


AutoTouch basically runs properly on iOS 9, you can upgrade now.

Please install the package with name “AutoTouch” for iOS 8/9 and above, of which the version is v3.5.3.

The License page in setting shows blank on iOS 9, it will be fixed soon, you can buy and manage your license at http://autotouch.net/server/license/


New license system has replaced the old one!

From 2015-08-25, the new purchased licenses will be able to be transferred to other devices, and will have one year validity from buying. New license can be used to activate only one device at a time, when you activate another device, the last one will become deactivated. When the validity is expired, the license becomes invalid. Following the old agreement, the licenses you bought before still can be used with no time limitation on those already activated devices, but if you activate other devices with them, they will change to new type licenses, will become transferable and have one year validity from buying.The licenses older than a year are not able to change to the new type licenses.In addition, the license key can make only one activation in a day.

From every purchase you will get a license key looks like “FECS3-6DEJ8-EF39D-2JDU7”, with which you can activate one device or another, but only one a time. Every activation needs a license key and a device Serial Number.If you make the purchase inside AutoTouch,the Serial Number of your device will be sent to the server belong with the payment, so that device will be activated automatically when the license key was generated. If not inside AutoTouch, you should provide the Serial Number by yourself.You can query your purchased licenses with a license key, or with the PayPal payer email, or Serial Number of one activated devices, purchases with Taobao can not be queried connectedly now, you can query them with license key or Serial Number.


iOS 8.4 is supported now!

Activator has updated for iOS 8.4, so AutoTouch works on iOS 8.4 now.


AutoTouch supports iOS 8.3 now!

AutoTouch supports iOS 8.3 now!


Do not upgrade to iOS 8.1.3 until it could be jailbroken!

It is not jailbreak-able now.