AutoTouch v1.7.1 Release

Release Note:
1.Added findImage function, with which you can find the regions these are similar with the specified image.Such as find the spirits and click on them.
2.Changed getColorRGBA to getColor that returns rgb value instead of r value, g value and b value separately.
3.Changed findColorRGBA to findColor what returns all the points which fit the specified color, instead of returning the first point which fits.


AutoTouch 1.7.0 Release

Release Note:

1. Added the logging function and the Log View.
2. Added the speed option for playing.
3. Added root path of documents to package.path of Lua, so that it’s able to require modules from the script directory.


AutoTouch v1.6.9 Released

To the version 1.6.9 so far, AutoTouch have had the ability to record and play back most of the actions such as touches, home button click, volume button click, ringer switch, lock button click at  home screen and any other apps with accurate and smooth experience.It also provides the functions for screenshot,screenshot for region,get color of specified point, find point fit specified color and many others.With these you can already control your device freely and skillfully.

Enjoy it, and send me your needs:)

Release Note:

1. Fixed the bug causing loop failed.
2. Added Turkish and Chinese Traditional support.
3. Added Alipay support.



AutoTouch v1.6.8 Released

Release Note:

1. added the recording and play back and extended functions for these actions below, with which you can record and play back the home button click, volume button click, lock button click and the ringer switch click.


2. added the forum view to app.


AutoTouch v1.6.7 Released!

Release Note:

1. add some extended functions for script customization.Whit them maybe you can write more flexible scripts, for example: find a color, if founded, click on it.

Add these new extended functions:
screenshotRegion(filePath, x, y, width, height)
getColorRGBA(x, y)
findColorRGBA(red, green, blue, alpha)

Fix some bugs in these functions: