With v3.6.1 you’re able to run scripts from browser or by HTTP API.

In version 3.6.1  (apt.autotouch.net), it provides a HTTP API and a “Play” button on the web dashboard page for you to run scripts from remote or web browser.

Run a script from browser:

  1. Turn on the AutoTouch > Settings > Web Server,
  2. Visit the address showing at AutoTouch > Settings,
  3. Click the “Play” button on the AutoTouch Dashboard pages.

Run a script with HTTP API:



If you keep the Web Server switch on,  web server will automatically launch  and become ready for call  while the iOS rebooting. (With policy of Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.2~9.3.3, your deivce will be unjailbroken after rebooting, you can rejailbreak it by clicking on the Pangu Jailbreak App on the homescreen)